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Winch Description

10 Ton Hand Operated Crab Winch (with Machine Cut Gears)

Technical Details :
1) Construction :
(a) Side Frame : Re-inforced rectangular side
frame made out of MS plates , angles etc. duly
welded and Fabricated.
(b) Rope Drum : M.S. Fabricated / Seamless
tube , Flanges Welded on the both ends of
the barrel.
(c) Drum Shaft : EN - 8 Drum Shaft. Rope
Drum Bull Gear fixed with the Drum Shaft
through locking arrangements and mounted on
        bushes on the both ends of shaft.
(d) Purchase Shaft : Gears , Pinions ,
Rachet wheels and Brake Drum are fixed
with shaft through keys and mounted on
(e) Barrel Length : 700 mm
(f)  Barrel Dia      : 270 mm
(h) Flange Dia    :   550 mm
2) Hold on Rachet : Rachet Wheel 
locked to purchase shaft through
keys and Forged Steel Powel placed
on side frame for 
suitable engagement and to hold the pay load.
3) Brake :  Screw Type Band Brake
 with wider Cast Iron Brake Drum
 and suitable Brake lining for better Brake engagement along
with operating Cast Steel Hand Wheel.
4) Efforts Required :
(a) Mechanical Advantage         : 139
(b) Efforts (Maximum) Required : 710 Newton
5) Testing :
(a) Operational Test : 1.25 Times
(b) Static Test         : 1.5 Times

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